My Sweet Mulysa by Edward Gaster

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 A Drug Induced Psychological Thriller

Psychotropic drugs, government and murder don't mesh well, especially when dark forces dictate their dosages.

The 1950s brought peace and prosperity to America. The post-war baby boom and new cars symbolized the American dream. San Francisco thrived, attracting celebrities like Natalie Wood and Joe DiMaggio. Amid this glamour, journalist Mathew Saltycova struggled with psychotic episodes and nightmares. He lived in a modest flat near Golden Gate Park with his wife Mulysa and their newborn. His life changed when he received a surprising job offer from the small town of Evarg in Upstate New York. Mathew became the Chief Columnist for the Daily Mail Newspaper. He uncovered that the planned Evarg Institute, supposedly a hospital to boost local employment, was actually a cover for a high-security psychiatric ward for the criminally insane.

As Mathew investigated further, his mental distress grew. He plunged into a nightmarish alternate reality. Horrific memories and gruesome visions haunted him. His psychological torment led to real-world violence, with murders driven by the voices in his head. Mathew struggled to distinguish reality from hallucination. His wife, psychiatrist, and faith couldn't offer relief. His descent into madness revealed a sinister force manipulating him, blurring the lines between his fractured mind and the hidden truths within Evarg.

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