Books & Looks Podcast: “Worthy”: Jane Boulware on Overcoming Doubt and Achieving Success

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Books & Looks: Real Books for Real Readers was started as a podcast to supplement Blaine Desantis’ website,, and expand into audio and video interviews with authors.

With Books & Looks, Blaine’s goal is to focus on real books that real people will read. At least half of the books he reviews are either new authors or unknown authors that many in the general public are unaware of. After a segment reviewing books or interviewing authors, Blaine ends each episode with a discussion of the movies and TV shows he is currently watching.

This Week’s Episode

Jane Boulware is a retired business executive and the author of “Worthy,” a memoir chronicling her unconventional path from rural Iowa to the corner office at Microsoft. With a forestry degree from Iowa State University and an MBA, Jane’s career journey spans roles at Kimberly-Clark, where she played a pivotal part in the Huggies vs. Pampers brand battle, and Microsoft, where she navigated the challenges of a male-dominated tech industry to become one of the few female Corporate Vice Presidents.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • The importance of resilience and self-worth in overcoming personal and professional obstacles
  • Lessons learned from leading teams and driving business growth in competitive markets
  • The power of mentorship and taking risks to achieve career success
  • Balancing family life and career aspirations as a working mother
  • Insights on leadership, diversity, and fostering a positive corporate culture


Listen to the latest episode of Books & Looks:

About Blaine Desantis:

Blaine is an avid lifetime reader, a retired attorney, and has been a book club leader for the past seven years. He is an active teacher in senior education classes at Furman University. Blaine loves fiction, nonfiction, histories, mysteries and almost all genres of books.

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