Art and Crime Worlds Collide in Action-Packed International Thriller

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Five Days in Bogotá by Linda Moore

What's It About?

While on a trip to Bogotá, gallery owner Ally Blake discovers her art crates have been tampered with — and she’s been unknowingly involved in a money laundering scheme. Now she must risk everything to thwart the fraud and protect her family.

Colombia. Coming here was a disaster. Dying here… not an option.

Fascinating people create fascinating stories. Author Linda Moore draws on extensive knowledge as an art gallery owner, student of Hispanic studies, and her personal journeys in South America to create an enthralling and immersive story set in Colombia in the 1990s.

Five Days in Bogotá follows resilient art dealer Ally Blake in a desperate bid to secure a future for her family in a high-stakes art fair in the embattled country. Drawn into a plot to help finance a covert government plot, she finds herself in imminent danger.

Ally must decide which of her close friends she can trust with information that might put their lives in danger, as she wrestles with the underlying fear that her acquaintances may very well be in on the plot to extort her. The glamorous world of wealthy art patrons collides with the nefarious plots of the drug cartels that control much of Colombia.

When Art and Crime Worlds Collide

Ally Blake, art gallery owner, travels to Colombia to represent her artists at an upscale convention in the center of Bogotá. She laments having to leave her young children behind, but with the passing of her husband, this fair may be her last chance to ensure their financial security.

Immediately confronted by the convoluted and corrupt operations of government officials in the third-world country, Ally discovers that her crates of valuable art have been detained in customs without legitimate explanation. She appeals to a number of powerful friends to help resolve the situation without being sucked into a bribery scandal that could reflect poorly on her gallery and her reputation.

Ally soon learns that officials looking for a handout are the very least of her problems. Just in time for opening day, the crates are cleared but two additional paintings, worth tens of millions of dollars, have mysteriously appeared.

Action-Pack and Culturally Rich

Five Days in Bogotá ventures into a world where works of art hold a much higher value than human lives. The violent struggle for control of the country becomes further embroiled by the intervention of foreign powers.

Author Linda Moore demonstrates mastery in storytelling as well as a comprehensive understanding of the intricate politics of the time period. In college, Moore pursued a major in political science and specialized in Latin American politics for her graduate studies at Stanford University. Additionally, as an art gallery owner, she once traveled to Colombia for an art fair. This background leaves one to wonder which aspects of this hair-raising tale are pure fiction, and which are based on Moore’s own experiences (which she fortunately addresses in the author’s notes at the end of the book).

Five Days in Bogotá provides concise background on the interactions of the art scene and what can elevate or decimate the value of a particular artist’s work. In the midst of nail-biting action, readers will also learn some of the underhanded techniques employed by some dealers to artificially boost the price of art or secure unfair commissions.

While the atmosphere of this novel is centered on the danger and violence of a country at war with itself, the author also includes many examples of the warm hearts of the people in Colombia. Marvelous works of early native art are featured, as well as appearances by a number of historic literary figures and Colombian artists.

Impossible to Put Down

Five Days in Bogotá combines a courageous and resilient female protagonist and a riveting plot.

With each challenge that she navigates, Ally Blake becomes more endearing. As she faces malevolent figures and violent forces, suspense mounts and the reader becomes even more invested in this story. Each time Ally gets in a car, or wanders through a dark corridor, the sense of insecurity is palpable.

When Ally is able to formulate a plan to extricate herself from danger, an unexpected betrayal forces her to pivot in a final test of her determination to return home to her children. A crescendo of action in the last twenty pages of this book makes Five Days in Bogotá absolutely impossible to put down.

About Linda Moore:

Linda Moore is an author, traveler and a recovering gallery owner. She studied art history at the Prado while a student at Complutense University of Madrid and received degrees from the University of California and Stanford University. Her gallery featured contemporary Hispanic artists. She has published award-winning exhibition catalogs and her writing has appeared in art journals and anthologies. Born in the Midwest, she resides with her husband in California when not spending time traveling the world.

Five Days in Bogotá by Linda Moore

Publish Date: 5/14/2024

Genre: Fiction, Thrillers

Author: Linda Moore

Page Count: 304 pages

Publisher: She Writes Press

ISBN: 9781647426125

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